Why electric bikes are perfect for commuting?

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Ebike for commuting
Electric bikes are the go-to choice for commuting in the city, rolling faster than standard bikes, polluting less than cars, and saving cyclists money.
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Commuters continually chase ways to make their daily trip to work more comfortable and cost-effective. In recent years, electric bikes have become the go-to choice for people who want to ditch their cars and enjoy the many benefits of commuting on two wheels. 

More affordable and better for the planet than cars, ebikes are a faster and sweat-free alternative to standard, non-motorized bikes. Commuters can leverage ebikes’ efficient motors and long-lasting batteries to extend their ride— ebikes are the fastest mode of transport for distances of around three miles and are practical for longer rides, too. Studies show that the average ebike commute in several European cities is around 8 km (5 miles) and for many trips up to 10 miles, an ebike can be just as quick as a car.

Getting to work or school by ebike is more popular than ever thanks to the cycling boom caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which inspired new riders to try biking as an alternative to other forms of transportation. That increase in demand for better and safer bike infrastructure saw local governments invest more in bike lanes and revisit plans for building bike-friendly cities. Also, recent advancements in motor and battery technology have lowered the costs of ebikes and extended their range, making them an even more attractive alternative to car commutes.

The benefits of using electric bikes for commuting extend far beyond their quicker pace than standard bicycles— ebikes can replace car trips and transform your commute into a stress-free ride. Explore the advantages of commuter ebikes below:

Fast and convenient

Using an ebike for commuting allows riders to bypass traffic jams in the city and power up hills with no additional effort, meaning you can arrive at your destination on time and stress-free. For people that drive a car or catch public transit to work, their commute depends on finding a parking spot or on timetables that can be delayed. Navigating the city on your electric commuter bike, however, puts you in charge. Say goodbye to arriving at work hot and sweaty from your ride— ebikes flatten out those pesky hills so you can clock in ready to go. 

Ebike for commuting

Stay fit and healthy

Commuting by ebike encourages a healthy lifestyle where riders enjoy fresh air and exercise without overdoing it. Riders toggle through a range of pedal assistance modes to determine how much effort they want to exert. Riding an ebike burns around 20% fewer calories than riding a standard bike. Ebike are heavier than normal bikes, but cyclists can pedal with no assistance if they want to burn some extra calories.

Physical activity can help people arrive at their destination with increased energy levels and a focused mindset. Ebiking is also a great method to release energy on the way home after a long day in the office. We all know how frustrating it can be to sit in stop-and-go traffic with nothing to do except fiddle with the radio— ebikes let riders multitask getting around the city and support their physical and mental health at the same time.

Cost-effective transportation

Riding an electric commuter bike is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to get to where you’re going. Surging gas prices and ever-scarce parking spaces in the city have made driving a car to work less practical and public transportation costs a few bucks each way, a cost that adds up over the course of the month. After the initial investment in an electric bike— which will cost a bit more than a standard bike— your daily commutes become nearly free! Fully recharging the battery will only cost between 5-8 cents meaning you’ve got extra cash for that fancy coffee order or your rainy day fund. The average cost per mile of driving a car in the US is around 58 cents whereas city electric bikes operate on a fraction of a cent per mile, saving your precious dollars throughout the year.

Better for the planet

Not only are commuting ebikes good for your personal health, but they are also better for the environment than gas-guzzling cars. In 2020, the EPA found that transportation is the leading contributor to greenhouse gasses in the US (27%) so ebikers can feel proud of switching to a more eco-friendly alternative to vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Ebikes do run on electricity but are highly efficient machines with different pedal assist levels so you can make your battery go farther.

Electric commuter bikes have a positive impact on the urban environment because of their reduced carbon emissions and minimal physical footprint, too. Compared to cars, taxis, and even compact mopeds, ebikes take up very little space within the cityscape, freeing up traffic and making ‘parking’— locking up or storing your bike— a breeze. Electric bikes run on a nearly silent motor so they don’t contribute to noise pollution inside the city either which can make everybody’s commute a bit more relaxing and free of revved engines or loud honks.

Are ebikes worth it?

There’s already a growing community of ebike commuters taking cities by storm and as urban spaces evolve to be more bike-friendly, more and more people are flocking to electric commuter bikes. The upfront cost of an ebike is easily justified due to the significant savings per mile over cars and public transit and the health benefits to individual riders and the environment make it a sustainable way to move around the urban jungle.

Join the ebike movement and hop on an electric bike for your next commute!

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