Why you should consider commuting to work on an ebike

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Commuting to work
Commuting to work doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful. It can be made easy by using an electric bike. In this article we tell you why.
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There’s no doubt that electric bikes are the future when it comes to commuting to work. With technology advancing so much and electric bikes now having so much ability, many people are turning to the pedals to get them to work and back.

There are a huge amount of benefits to commuting to work on an Ebike, and we can see why a cycle commute is becoming so popular. In this article, we’re going to be sharing all the benefits of commuting on an electric bike and why you should consider it.

Less traffic

An electric commuter bike can make getting through city traffic very easy. With cycling infrastructure becoming better everywhere and a lot of cycle lanes popping up, you can fly past cars that are stuck in traffic. If you live in a city, you will notice this the most, especially if you’re commuting to work at peak times as well. Why is traffic getting worse?

It’s easy to work

Electric bicycles can make your daily commute so much easier than you might think. Most ebikes work with pedal assistance, and some even work on a throttle. It means you don’t have complicated gearings like a manual car or motorbike. You just need to pedal, and the bike does the rest.

Commuting to work is incredibly cheap

Commuting to work on a ebike will save you a huge amount of money. Electric bikes are incredibly cheap to charge, and a typical electric bike can cost around 0.10 cents to fully charge and can give you around 50 miles. Then we have a car which is going to need around $10 to do the same. The savings don’t stop there though. You don’t get heavy car repair bills or expensive services needing to be completed. If you want to know more about how much you can save, check out our other article on the cost of ebikes.


A single car parking space can hold 10 ebikes. Finding space to park an ebike can be easy, especially with many cities on an initiative to improve cycling infrastructure in cities. Many workplaces are happy for you to bring your ebike inside or offer secure parking, and with cycle to work schemes being offered everywhere, an employer wants you on a bike.

It keeps you fit

Cycling is an incredible way to keep fit, and if you are using it to go to work and back, you can use that time to loosen off the legs and get those muscles moving. The beauty of an electric bike is that you can choose the effort you want to give by changing the assistance level or turning the motor off completely. Many people use an ebike to get their body moving but have enough assistance to not end up at work covered in sweat.

Government schemes back commuting to work

With many governments trying to get more people on bikes, we are seeing a lot of schemes, such as the UK’s cycle to work scheme. They offer discounts on cycling equipment, they put the money upfront for the bike, and it comes out of your paycheck at the end of each month. It offers a great discount overall and means you can get the bike earlier than if you would have had to save. 

Cyclist riding next to a busy road

It’s good for the environment

Unfortunately, in this day and age, we’re seeing a lot more pollution and the hot spots are typically cities and the cars that run through them. With more bikes and fewer cars, we will have a cleaner atmosphere to live and work in and also help reduce the damage which is being done to our planet. It’s important we all come together to help save the planet, and using a bike over a car is a great way to reduce carbon footprint. Check out this article for more information on how your city might be changing to help cyclists.

It helps you become more productive

When people switch over from public transport or a car to an ebike, they typically find themselves more productive at work. Getting some exercise in before getting to work can improve brain function and productivity. Many cyclists also say cycling home from work gives them the time to wind down from the stress of the work day. 

It’s less stressful

Driving and public transport can be stressful. Traffic jams and late connections can really take a toll on your mind. A bike ride is an excellent way to reduce stress, and on an electric bicycle, it’s made even easier with the assistance of the motor. If you want to learn more about how cycling to work can reduce stress and all the other benefits, check out this from the Guardian.

It can be safer

With cities offering stand-alone cycle paths and many cycle lanes away from roads, you can find your e bikes can keep you off the road and in a safer place on your way to work. You don’t need to worry about cars a lot of the time on these routes, just others using the bike lanes. For more information on how to stay safe on your commute, check out our other article on safe commuting.

Electric bikes have changed 

Electric bicycles are not like they used to be. Commuter ebikes used to be large and bulky. Now, most electric bikes look more like a traditional bike, and some can be challenging to tell apart from a normal bike. With a huge range of distance on bikes now, they don’t just take you to work and back. They can take you on big mile rides without the hard work of a conventional bicycle.


When it comes to commuting to work, we see fewer car drivers and more cyclists daily in cities. Using an ebike you can get to work faster and more safely without even the struggle of a regular bike. If you want to learn more, we highly recommend checking out our blog on why commuting is excellent on an electric bike.

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  1. The nanny State EU speed limit to avoid registration as a vehicle is a pathetic 15.5 MPH and the UK still has that limit.

    E-bikes are expensive and if left unattended will be stolen very quickly indeed. This is why they will never replace cars etc.

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