Do the sustainability plans of your city involve cycling?

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Discover the importance of ebikes for a sustainable future. Reduce traffic, pollution, and save time while improving your health and wellness
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The world is changing, and we’re seeing more people in our towns and cities and cars on the roads. Unfortunately, many cities are struggling to deal with it because they don’t have the correct infrastructure. This means traffic is getting heavier, more fuel is wasted, and commutes are taking much longer than they ever have. 

A solution is needed, and already cities are creating an environment where sustainable living is more of a possibility. We’re seeing green spaces, lots of solar panels to create solar energy, and they are shutting off roads to cars. Many city planners are turning to sustainable alternatives, and the best solution many experts have come to is cycling and city ebikes.

With huge advancements in ebike technology, nearly everyone can turn to a bike instead of a car or jumping on a train. In this article, we’ll tell you why city ebikes are so important to a sustainable future, the advantages and disadvantages of switching over to an electric bike, and what some cities are doing to get this low-carbon movement started. 

What is an ebike?

Before we speak about what ebikes can do to help save the planet, I’m sure many of you readers might not understand what an ebike is. An ebike is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor and a battery. Modern city ebikes can provide the ability to go up to 28mph on certain roads and can go up to roughly 100km on a single charge. The electric bike is the best form of urban mobility.

Why are ebikes so important to a city’s sustainable future?

Ebikes will be a huge part of a city’s sustainable future, and it will be one of the biggest differences many of us can see and be a part of. One of the biggest parts of creating a sustainable future is reducing the number of cars on the roads and in towns and cities and replacing them with bikes. By doing this, we will be able to achieve these advantages.

Less traffic

With fewer cars comes a lot less traffic. This means fewer traffic jams, and this can clear the way for people that have no choice but to use a car or a delivery vehicle dropping off goods. It will mean journeys are much smoother and quicker on public transport, and emergency services will also be able to respond quicker.

With less traffic, the roads will be used less, meaning that space can be utilized to create better cycle lanes and a safer environment for people wanting to commute via bike or on foot. Many cities have gone this way and have seen a huge improvement in people’s attitude towards commuting.

Less pollution

Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are becoming a huge problem in cities, and with more cars which are all stuck in traffic, it’s getting worse and worse. Not only is this awful for the environment, but it is also having a direct impact on our health, having to breathe this all in.City ebike riders can provide cleaner air. For every person getting on an ebike that’s generally one less car coming into the city. Cities can have cleaner air and people living in them a better quality of life. This will also introduce better air for plants, lower carbon emissions, and this could make cities much greener.

More space

With fewer cars coming into a city and people using other forms of transport, this means much less parking is required. In Los Angeles, 17,000,000+ square meters are taken up by parking which is an unbelievably high amount. If a certain amount of this space were freed up, you would have space for new businesses and places for people to live in the city.

City ebikes take up very little space, and not only do they require less road but also less parking. You can fit up to 15 bikes in the same space a single car takes up, and they are much easier to move around in that space.  They are the best form of sustainable mobility a city can use to reduce its carbon footprint and create more space.

What are the benefits to you?

Ebikes have a huge amount of benefits to cities, but it’s also important to speak about the benefits that ebikes will have for you personally. Having an ebike is about so much more than transport and is becoming a way of life. More info

Health and wellness

Most electric bikes can work on a pedal assist system, this means the motor only engages when you’re pedaling. You get to choose the amount of assistance you get while traveling. This means this is also a tool for fitness and can drastically improve your physical health and help you lose weight, and improve your cardiovascular system. There’s also a lot of evidence to suggest that there’s a big increase in the mental health of people that cycle too.

Time saving

One excellent thing about ebikes, especially in cities is they have a great ability to save you time on short journeys. Errands like going shopping become much quicker as you can bypass traffic, this isn’t possible in a car and also parking is much easier and cheaper with cities having more bike racks available than ever.

It helps you to explore new places and social circles

Having a bike not only can help you explore your local area on and off-road you also have access to cycling clubs. This opens you to lots of new local places you might not have known about and a lot of new friends and opportunities.

What changes are cities currently making to introduce cycling?

Cites worldwide have decided to improve their cities by giving them a better cycling infrastructure. Here’s what many city planners have already started doing.

  • Bike and walking only roads better bike infrastructure
  • More bike lanes
  • Bike buying incentives 
  • Road safety awareness courses
  • Bicycle Rental Services
  • Introducing more safety measures to protect cyclists

So you can see a lot is being done to improve the use of electric bicycles in cities because overall, it does benefit everyone, and there’s little to no drawback for anyone.


Cycling is a very big part of a city’s future sustainability, and already we are seeing so many cities start to promote cycling to help support ebike future movements. We highly recommend city ebikes for commuting and know they will play a massive part in our future.

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